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How Dog Ownership Has Changed Over 80 Years

How Dog Ownership Has Changed Over 80 Years

An online search of comments and opinions declares that owning a dog in 1960 was very different than today. dog dna test One quarter of dogs at that time were random street roamers whether they were owned or not. Ownership rules were much less defined. Even though there was commercial dog food available and Milk Bone treat company, the dog food industry only appealed to some dog owners. Mainstream dogs were surviving off table scraps and pouring gravy on your dog’s food was a huge trend!

Dog Trends of The 1960’s

Ladies of the 1960’s popularised smaller breed dogs that were easily carried around. It began a new trend in dog owning as the owners started to dress the small dogs in sweaters. 1960’s initiated major societal shifts in dog care, health and even animal ethics.

Veterinarians were few. In the 1960’s the science of veterinarian medicine was an established degree that required a few “short” years of university education, in a time when most people were getting by on high school graduation or less. It wasn’t a very popular profession and took too long compared to many other job options available. There were few applicants and few graduates of the program. Pet care was provided only on demand. Very sick and injured dogs were usually euthanized, as the system did not have the technology or resources to prolong life as we enjoy today.

Successful graduates were mostly male, and went on to work in remote areas of the country on farms. Specialising in treatment of illness and disease in large animals – bovine and equine. Veterinarian’s of the 1960’s also were trained in poultry disease treatment, so their focus was really about promoting farm animal viability for the human food industry sales and consumption.

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